Tempus Fugit Bell Tower


LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, USA

Located in Dallas, Texas, USA, the Cypress Waters urban complex is a 1,000-acre master-planned development, built from the ground up on the waterfront around a 300-acre lake. It consists of offices, apartments and a community mall, definitely making this new neighborhood of North Dallas the place to be.

Further inside the complex, WE-EF linear inground luminaire ETV120-TW Tunable White wallwash can be found uplighting the 14.5-metre steel art-piece, by a talented Portuguese sculptor, Juanjo Novella. The steel sculpture surrounding four antique bells is die-cut into the word ‘TIME’ in every language, symbolizing how time flies.

WE-EF Tunable White Technology stabilizes the luminous flux throughout the entire 2700 K – 6000 K tuning range. Without any worry, luminaires can be adjusted in ever-changing ways – whether it is for special events, during the course of a night or with the change of seasons, making it the perfect choice for this project.

Credit: www.codaworx.com

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