About WE-EF

WE-EF LIGHTING USA is committed to enhancing the human experience through light. A trusted manufacturer of high-performance exterior luminaires, WE-EF combines state-of-the-art LED and control technology with advanced optical systems and superior mechanical engineering while minimizing the environmental impact.

Established over 65 years ago in Germany by Wolfgang Fritzsche, the WE-EF Group is comprised of eight companies in nine different locations worldwide with a variety of engineering, assembly and sales capabilities. Over 500 employees worldwide and an extensive network of partners provide both product and service support.

In 2000, WE-EF expanded into the North American market with their exceptional exterior luminaires. A WE-EF luminaire encompasses timeless design while achieving the highest standards of quality. In addition, more than 90 percent of a WE-EF luminaire can be recycled. The efficiency of the optical system is also optimized by minimizing the number of luminaires required, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance costs, less CO2 and improved quality of light.

Intelligent design, intelligent engineering, and intelligent light technology – these are the core competencies, that make WE-EF a leader in exterior lighting.