Mc Carran International Airport, Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas gains a modernized, highly efficient international terminal

Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, has an angular exterior that is evocative of the jagged Nevada landscape. Rock formations, erosion and vertical openings are the inspiration for the airport’s look. Light is revealed through the 15,538 ft² of skylights, just as light is revealed through crevices in canyons, while mesh panels provide solar shading. Visitors can glimpse views of the majestic Strip. Among the many amenities of McCarran are 300 slot machines.

Terminal 3 was completed in 2012 in partnership with the Clark County Department of Aviation and Bechtel. PGAL was the prime consultant and lead architect. The terminal comprises three storeys, with 14 gates, an eight-level parking garage and covers 2 million ft2 at one of the 10 busiest airports in the country; the new terminal has eased the airport’s congestion. McCarran receives as many as 48 million travellers in a year. The efficiency of the airport is increased by permitting airlines to use any open gate as well as by directing baggage to carousels using sophisticated technology. The flexible and high-tech infrastructure and processing systems incorporated in Terminal 3 make it an impressive achievement.

WE-EF luminaires provide illumination for the main arrival and departure areas of the new terminal. PIA230 wall luminaires highlight the entry canopy for departing passengers. The luminaires are equipped with asymmetric ‘forward throw’ optics and 70 W metal halide lamps. The wedged shaped PIA230 luminaires integrate cleanly with the terminal’s angular architectural features.

A direct/indirect combination lighting system provides a luminous atmosphere in the taxi pick-up area. Four WE-EF FLA440 area floodlights are mounted on each column, providing uniform indirect uplighting to the ceiling. The luminaires encompass asymmetric ‘forward throw’ optics and 42 W compact fluorescent lamps. DAC250 surface downlights, fitted with 150 W metal halide lamps and medium beam optics, provide direct functional lighting in the pick-up area.

Architects: PGAL Lighting Designer: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design


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