On May 10th, the office of the US trade representative announced it was raising tariffs to 25% on roughly $200 billion worth of goods imported from China. Several lighting manufactures already indicated price increases of up to 25% starting as early as June 1, 2019, and some started to shift production to Mexico in response to the earlier Chinese tariffs.

On May 30th tariffs were announced on all goods imported from Mexico into the USA, escalating monthly until reaching 25%. This will result in a ripple effect of additional price increases – not only for lighting fixtures.

WE-EF however, is unaffected by these tariffs and our supply chain will remain uninterrupted. Our lighting products are manufactured in our own facility located in Pittsburgh, PA, using components mostly sourced from the USA and Germany and in compliance with Buy America requirements.

WE-EF USA will keep their prices at the same levels despite the announced significant tariff increases!

We understand how important it is for our customers to move forward without interrupting ongoing projects or disrupting future plans. Because our lighting products are manufactured in the USA following Lean Principals, we are highly agile and can accommodate last-minute customized product requests and fast shipments.

WE-EF USA continues to ship all CORE24 products in five (5) business days or even the same day, if needed – guaranteed.

By making this promise to you, we seek to give you the confidence to continue working with our company. WE-EF USA’s greatest asset is the trust that our customers place in us, and we plan to continue our successful relationships far into the future.

Juergen Boenisch
President & CEO

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