CFY200 Series Bollards Now Available

LED bollards with one or two-sided asymmetrical distribution round out the CFY200 series.

Bollards are one of the most popular types of exterior lighting and can be used in a variety of ways, such as for illuminating public parks, walkways, open spaces and terraces as well as driveways, forecourts and private gardens.

The new CFY200 LED bollard series from WE-EF is available with single or double-sided asymmetric, forward-throw distribution. This enables differentiated lighting of paths and squares in public areas or on private premises. In addition to meeting purely functional requirements such as orientation and safe guidance, the bollards are also a design feature. For example, the atmosphere they create in public parks and green spaces also enables people to feel comfortable after dark. With their relatively low mounting height and glare control, bollards can create a pleasant atmosphere that enhances the overall quality of an area. In particular, the variants with two-sided asymmetrical distribution expand the scope for design. Needless to say, the CFY200 series meets the strict WE-EF quality criteria. Thanks to the protection rating IP66 and the well-proven 5CE Superior Corrosion Protection technology, the bollards permanently withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Thanks to their simple organic shape they blend seamlessly into different urban landscapes by day and night. The bollards come in two sizes – the small variant with a height of 27 inches (685 mm) and the large variant with a height of 43 inches (1,085 mm) – with connected wattages of between 12 W and 36 W, thus enabling them to be adapted well to different spatial proportions.

The CFY200 Series bollards make a great addition to our existing bollard offering.

To learn more about the CFY bollards, visit our website.

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