German Innovation Award 2018 Winner

Usually, it is only experts who notice the technical sophistication of lighting technology. For example, lighting designers and architects appreciate products that offer lighting quality, precision and planning freedom, whereas non-professionals are rarely interested in the luminaires themselves. They enjoy the lighting effect, the special aesthetics of an illuminated building or the atmosphere created in a well-lit room. The focus is on the light; the technology takes a back seat.

However, this also means that the public remains unaware of technical innovations as well as the time and money that luminaire manufacturers invest in research and development. In fact, this problem does not only apply to the lighting industry; in other sectors of the economy many innovations also concern details that are never publicized.

To change this, the German Design Council created the German Innovation Award in 2018 “The award helps innovators to become more visible – in public and in their own company. It acknowledges their enterprise, which is the basis of our economic strength”, says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council, in explaining the concept.

Only companies nominated by the German Design Council’s expert committees and scouts can take part in the German Innovation Award competition. The winners are chosen by a high-calibre jury – including physicists, patent consultants, computer scientists, financing specialists, product designers, technology historians and marketing specialists.

Even at the first German Innovation Award, the jury was impressed by WE-EF’s FLC200 LED projector series. It was chosen as “Winner” of the Lighting Category. The jury praised the well-balanced proportions, precise lines and high-quality materials as well as the great design freedom that the series offers lighting designers. The series comprises projectors with different diameters, different symmetrical light distributions and lumen packages. Additional optical components can be optionally integrated. This means that the FLC200 projectors are extremely well-equipped to produce the desired lighting effect for all types of lighting tasks.

German Innovation Award

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