Product Spotlight: FLA700 series area floodlights

These area floodlights are suitable for wall or pole mounting in uplight or downlight position.

FLA760s with ‘side throw’ optics were used to illuminate the exterior walkways and public areas at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Wall-mounted FLA740 area floodlights with asymmetric ‘forward throw’ optics were used to illuminate the exterior walkways along the Bay.

At the JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport, WE-EF FLA740 area floodlights, equipped with 150 W metal halide lamps, are mounted to WE-EF tapered aluminum poles. These are cleanly integrated with the perimeter wall. Powerful asymmetric ‘forward throw’ optics allow for even illumination of the four-lane roadway.

FLA780 area floodlights with powerful 1000 W metal halide lamps and asymmetric ‘forward throw’ optics impressively illuminate the lot of the the Keyes European dealership in Van Nuys, California, with extraordinary efficiency. In addition to the exterior lot, lower wattage FLA730 area floodlights with 32 W compact fluorescent lamps illuminate the roof deck.

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