WE-EF’s Most Requested: ETC130 Gimbal LED

ETC130 Gimbal LED: The in-ground that packs a punch

The ETC130 Gimbal LED in-ground is WE-EF USA’s top selling product because of the quality and versatility it brings to the market.

Why WE-EF?

“It performed better than anything else we tested in our office.”

Suzan Tillotson, Tillotson Design Associates

  • Pick a color: 3K or 4K
  • The ETC130 Gimbal LED is suitable for flush to grade installation in concrete or earth
  • Options: Available in wide, medium, very narrow, and very narrow sharp; wall-wash, symmetric, and linear lenses.
  • This off-set gimbal mounted lamp module with lockable aiming allows for an incredible 30° vertical tilt and 360° rotation
  • The Rated Luminous Output ranges from approx. 1,600 – 1,900 lm
  • Integral LED driver in 120 or 277 volt
  • Luminaire body and lens frame constructed of stainless steel including PCS hardware
  • ‘No tool’ removable gear tray assembly and a factory installed circuit board with High Efficiency LEDs
  • The PMMA lens array has high scratch and impact resistance, perfect for walk- or drive-over applications with the clear tempered glass lens, max. load 5 tons
  •  The IP67 rating means the in-ground fixture is dust-tight and water-tight immersible, making it suitable for wet locations
  • The Silicone rubber gasket can withstand large temperature fluctuation, making it suitable for all climates and conditions
  • Available with ASC® Anti Slip Coating on a ceramic tempered glass lens upon on request

For more product information, visit: www.we-ef.com


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