FLC200 LED High Power Floodlight

At Light + Building 2016 prototypes of the new FLC200 LED projectors from WE-EF were presented to the public for the first time – and they attracted a great deal of attention. Since the trade fair ended the product range has been successively realised. The new FLC230 LED and FLC240 LED are now available as two different-sized projectors with a uniform design. They cover power output ranges from 24 W to 104 W and offer nominal lumen packages from 3,257 lm to 13,813 lm. This enables buildings and facades to be reliably illuminated without glare, even from great distances. Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, WE-EF’s Head of Lighting Engineering, has developed a new set of high-performance lenses especially for the high-power LEDs used in these projectors. High luminous efficiency is achieved by virtually eliminating internal reflections within the LED lenses.

The wide range of beam distributions offers planners considerable creative freedom. Both projectors are offered with symmetric wide [W] and medium beam [M] optics as well as with narrow [N], very narrow [VN] and very narrow beam ‘sharp cut off’ [VNS] distributions.

The proven WE-EF quality concepts – for example, marine-grade die-cast aluminium, the 5CE superior corrosion protection system, a weather and ageing-resistant gasket technology and effective thermal management for the LEDs – ensure that the projectors with protection rating IP66 have a long service life. The FLC230 and FLC240 projectors can be optionally equipped with a 1-10V or DALI interface or with the Eco Step Dim light management from WE-EF. The desired lighting effect of the projectors can be precisely adjusted with internal optical accessories such as linear lenses, flood lenses and honeycomb louvres.

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