Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion: Buffalo, NY

Lighting Designer:

The MHRC opened a visitor centre in 2009 – The Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion – as an event and exhibition space as well as the starting point for tours of the Martin House Complex. The pavilion, by the Japanese architect Toshiko Mori, contrasts the more introverted nature of the prairie homes with a focus on transparency. In this regard, it fulfils its function as a central focus for the complex, and features spectacular vistas of Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures and the surrounding garden landscape. The pavilion, with its emphasis on the horizontal and broadly projecting roof, makes a reference to the striking details of Wright’s style.

Even the lighting concept for the visitor centre produces a mix of quotes and contrasts. The most important instrument in this regard is the absolutely uniform ceiling lighting in the room and the projecting underside of the roof. It fuses the view of the ceiling, from the inside to the outside, and increases the impression of transparency just as much as it emphasises the projection of the roof. The lighting effect’s absolute uniformity was a decisive factor for the lighting designers at Arup Lighting. They achieved the effect they wanted with WE-EF’s ETC130 inground uplights, using 35 W metal halide lamps that were installed immediately behind the glass facade.

The wide range of optical components available for the WE-EF ETC series was essential for this project. The uniform lighting of the ceiling and projected underside of the roof is achieved by IO-6° and IO-20° prism and diffuser lenses. They can also be easily integrated into multiple combinations and thus make it possible to distribute light to suit individual requirements.