Lincoln Center Plaza: New York City, NY

Lighting Designer:

Open-air green lounge

A green canopy of trees covers the Barclays Capital Grove in New York’s Lincoln Center. At night, the canopy is accentuated by shimmering light from WE-EF ETC-Gimbal inground uplights, providing an inviting location full of ambience.

The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, to name just a few, call the Lincoln Center on Manhattan’s Columbus Avenue their home. President Eisenhower laid the cornerstone for the Lincoln Center in May 1959. Since then, this large area, which covers more than six square kilometres, has become America’s most important centre for the performing arts. In fact, 12 well-known cultural institutions are based here.

The Lincoln Center was extensively renovated and expanded between 2004 and 2011 – a process that also led to the transformation of the centre’s open spaces. “Our new campus is a work of art. It has already received more than 20 design prizes”, says Katherine Farley, Chairwoman of the Lincoln Center.

However, it is not only the awards but also practical experience that confirms the success of this transformation. In addition to being a hot spot for the arts, in the summer of 2012 the Lincoln Center provided a cool oasis in a sweltering New York City. Urban activity was in full swing around the large Revson fountain, the Josie Robertson Plaza, the Paul Milstein Pool and under the trees of the Barclay Capital Grove.

WE-EF luminaires ensure a pleasantly-lit environment that is finely aligned with the surrounding architecture and tree-shaded green zone of Barclays Capital Grove. ETC-Gimbal inground uplights, equipped with 20 W metal halide lamps, set impressive lighting accents in this canopy of trees. The gimbals, with their moveable insert mounted around two axes, can be easily adjusted, enabling precision aiming for a wide variety of lighting tasks despite their fixed installation positions. Inserted flush with the ground and fitted with an anti-slip coating, they do not disrupt the relaxed everyday life of the open-air green lounge, or the events that are held there on special occasions.