Staten Island September 11th Memorial: Staten Island, NY

Lighting Designer:

Clearly visible on the Manhattan skyline, the white wing-like structures rise above the Staten Island Memorial – the monument for the 267 people from Staten Island who lost their lives along with so many others during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Facial profiles are carved in granite with their names, birth dates and occupations – silhouettes of the victims that provide a constant and very personal interpretation.

In the twilight and by night, the finely tuned artificial light allows the two-dimensionality of the profiles to stand out. Inground uplights were mounted on the outsides to cast a light on the silhouettes. By using extensive lighting calculations the position and beam distribution of the inground uplights could be precisely determined. This has resulted in an extraordinary effect in which the inground light is directed from the outside to the inside and there the horizontal profile is illuminated.