Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial: Pittsburgh, PA

Lighting Designer:

A place of remembrance and education

For the veterans of World War II, a long-standing wish has been fulfilled in the south-west of the US State of Pennsylvania. Their wartime services have now been honoured in the public domain with the Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial in Pittsburgh, which was completed in December 2013.

So that the place of remembrance, located in the North Shore Riverfront Park, can also be seen at night, the memorial is illuminated by WE-EF’s gimbal LED ETC130 inground luminaires. Versions with very narrow beam, sharp cut-off light distribution and IO-180 linear spread lenses were installed. The precise optical system, together with gimballed mounting, enables precise lighting. The luminaires have been precisely oriented so that they illuminate the steel columns and glass panels of the memorial without glare and stray light. This effect is enhanced by ETC130 gimbal LEDs, which cast grazing light onto the greenery of the park surrounding the memorial.

The integration of LEDs into a light management system will generate additional energy savings for this project. All the luminaires can be dimmed using a 1–10 V interface. Their luminous flux can be reduced in groups, either to ensure reduced energy consumption or to realise artistic concepts with different light levels.

The project presents an excellent example of how the advantage of a long service life provided by low wattage LED technology, combined with the need for fewer luminaires due to the excellent optical performance of WE-EF products, form the basis for an environmentally and economically sustainable lighting solution.